Broadstairs  2½         Margate  1½ 

1 Reg Pidduck (107) ½-½    John Clarke (104)
2 Bob Cronin (104) 1-0    Leon Garfield (100)
3 Michael Doyle (81) 1-0    Roy McAloney (83)
4 Michael Jenkinson (80) 0-1    James Maskell (74)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 4.   STEADY JAMES .  James Maskell was first to finish with a solid performance against our higher graded Michael Jenkinson. 1-0 down

BOARD 3. A CAPTAIN’S INNINGS. Our new Walker captain started with a win. Michael takes up the story. “Being unfamiliar with the Scandinavian Defence as I was, I still gained a rook for nothing but in doing so got my Queen trapped. Finally escaping, I won with a Bishop and Knight threatening mate. 1-1

BOARD 1. SECOND TIME IN A WEEK. John Clarke and I had also played each other on Monday in the Hargreaves Shield but I could not repeat my win this time as John kept me at bay from my better position. Down to a rook and three pawns each, the game was decided a draw. 1.5-1.5

BOARD 2. YET AGAIN BOB. Our Bob Cronin always seems to come up with the goods in our close matches. Going into the endgame, he was a Knight up but still had a determined Leon to contend with. He finally got a passed pawn and won the game and the match for Broadstairs. 2.5- 1.5

A first win for our new captain and I hope there are many more.

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