Broadstairs  2½     Ramsgate  1½

1. Paul Carfrae   (131) 0-1    Steve Guy (138)
2. John Couzens (118) ½-½    Malcolm Snashall (122)
3. Bob Cronin (112) 1-0      Josh Vaughan  (77)
4. Andy Flood   (111) 1-0      Terry Green (56)

Andy Flood writes:

In this match Broadstairs entertained local rivals Ramsgate, the 2015 runaway champions of the Hargreaves Shield. First game to finish was on Board 2 where John shared the points and agreed a draw with the tenacious Malcolm Snashall who played one of his typical mistake-free games. On Board 1 Ramsgate were beginning to establish an advantage, whilst on the bottom board the home captain was mating his opponent to establish a promising lead.

Broadstairs Bob on Board 3 was giving our Josh, playing for Ramsgate, a lot to think about and Josh eventually lost on time. This ensured victory for Broadstairs before Paul resigned from a losing position in the dead rubber. Well done, team – two wins out of two matches.

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