Hot on the heels of our victory in the Team Buzzer comes news of another Broadstairs triumph – joint winners of the Jamboree. For the uninitiated, the Jamboree is an annual competition where teams from Thanet League clubs turn up and pairings are mixed so you could be playing anyone from another club at your level i.e. Board 1 plays against Board 1 or 2 etc. Unlike the Team Buzzer, however,  this was a genuine contest with five teams competing: Broadstairs, Margate, Bridge, Herne Bay and Woodnesborough. Here are our pairings and results:

1. David Faldon   1-0   Peter McGill (Margate)

2. Nick McBride   0-1  Shany Rezvany (Bridge)

3. Bob Page        ½-½   Paul Arnold (Herne Bay)

4. Paul Carfrae      1-0     David Erwee (Woodnesborough)

5. Andy Flood       ½-½  Malcolm Snashall (Bridge)

6. Michael Doyle    1-0   James Maskell (Margate)

The first three games finished quite early. Michael had an easy win over James Maskell, Paul won a piece against David Erwee who never managed to achieve parity and Andy drew a game he thinks he probably should have won. When Bob agreed a draw in a complicated game, Broadstairs were on 3/4. David was already in a strong position against Peter McGill which he soon managed to convert into a win. By this time, most other matches had finished and Herne Bay with 4/6 were the only team who could prevent Broadstairs becoming outright winners. All eyes now turned towards Nick McBride, who needed only a draw in his match. Unfortunately, Nick did not know this and, valiantly chasing a win, he lost on time with both players having seconds left. Disappointing but we all agreed we would have settled for joint winners at the start of the evening and our name will still be on the trophy. Many thanks to all who took part.










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