Broadstairs  2½         Bridge A   4½ 

1 David Faldon (174) 0-1   Vishnu Singh (205 )
2 Nick McBride (173) 1-0    Shany Rezvany (167)
3 Bob Page (135) 0-1    James Essinger (164)
4 Paul Carfrae (133) 0-1    Robert Collopy (156)
5 John Couzens (116) 0-1    Tim Spencer (121)
6 Reg Pidduck (107) ½-½    Peter Blundell (120)
7 Andy Flood (106) 1-0    Ian Redmond (75)

David Faldon writes:

The match got off to a bad start for us when our boards 1 and 3 both lost quickly in different ways, neither good. But Nick on board 2 soon had us back in the match with a quick mating attack after a wild passage of play. The surviving players calmly ignored all the bloodshed on boards 1 to 3 and set themselves up for a long hard slog of proper chess. Due to my accident on board one I had more time than usual to watch the bottom four boards and great fun it was. All four games were hard fought with lots of cheeky tactical ideas. In the end only Andy and Reg had any success. Reg carefully withstood a bit of pressure and came out with a level position. Andy won a tricky rook and pawn ending the hard way, swapping off into a pawn ending where both sides were going to queen a pawn each, the crucial difference being that Andy’s pawn would queen with check. Brilliant! Anyway, congratulations to Bridge on their victory and many thanks to all of our players for putting up stiff resistance (except me).

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