Broadstairs  2½       Bridge B 4½

1 David Faldon (170) 0-1         Leon Wooldridge (190)
2 David Horton (164) ½-½         Alan Atkinson (182)
3 Paul Carfrae (132) ½-½         Robert Collopy (164)
4 John Couzens (131) 1-0         Mark Mortimer (159)
5 Andy Flood (113) 0-1         James Essinger (155)
6 Bob Cronin (101) ½-½         Lee Butcher (e149)
7 Michael Doyle (80) 0-1         Chris Stampe (133)

David Faldon writes:

The match got off to a furious start with results on the bottom three boards within an hour or so. Board 7 featured a Dragon opening with opposite-side castling and both sides attacking like mad. Unfortunately for us, Chris found a killer rook sacrifice which left Michael with no defence. The board 5 game seemed to be going our way at that point with Andy an exchange up but a sudden moment of blindness cost him a whole queen: 0-2. At about the same time Bob’s game on board 6 was agreed drawn after mass exchanges hoovered off all the pieces. Paul’s game on board 3 was next to finish – another draw – and then John on board 4 spotted a neat combination to finish off his higher-rated opponent: 2-3. This was a splendid result for John, compounded by the fact that he was almost certainly winning even without the final combination. Both games on the top boards could have gone either way, but in the end we only got a solitary half-point – David H’s complicated and hard-fought draw. All in all, the Broadstairs team put up a pretty good show – despite the final score – against a very strong Bridge B side that had already won the Millar Cup with a round to spare. Congratulations to David H, Paul, John and Bob for their results on the night, and of course to Bridge B, whose match record for the season of eleven wins and one draw is going to take some beating.

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