Broadstairs     1½                Herne Bay     5½ 

1 David Faldon (175) 0-1         Bernie Kooiman  (185)
2 David Horton (167) ½-½         Gordon Botley (182)
3 Paul Carfrae (131) 0-1         Bob Pooley (155)
4 John Couzens (118) 1-0         Mick Micklethwaite (131)
5 Bob Cronin (112) 0-1         Alan Evans (118)
6 Andy Flood (111) 0-1         Paul Arnold (116)
7 Reg Pidduck (106) 0-1         Ronnie Melhuish (100)

David Faldon writes:

Our main success was that John on board 4 played a great game to defeat a strong opponent, one he’d always had a lot of grief from in the past. It was a smooth, positional win and John had the black pieces, too. Our only other positive result came from our hero with the black pieces: David H on board 2 produced a stern defensive performance to beat off a long, slow attack. All of the other games resulted in losses but in contrasting styles. David F on board 1 and Paul on board 3 both threw everything at their opponents but in both cases their opponents somehow managed to survive and then mop up once the attacks had petered out. The games on boards 5 to 7 were much calmer but with Bob, Andy and Reg on the defensive for long periods. Unfortunately, there were no survivors. Congratulations to Herne Bay on another hard-fought victory. This leaves us with one win from four Millar Cup matches with Bridge at home next on November 9th. What could possibly go wrong?

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