Last night we played our final Millar Cup match of the season, against a very good Sandwich team. Unusually for this season we were able to field our first choice team.

As the match started it soon became obvious that all 14 players had come to battle, as every board seemed to have reached a double edged position after only a few moves. The first two games to finish both went to our opponents. Paul V, who has been superb all season found his young opponent a handful and eventually fell to a well thought out attack. Next Dominic’s position crumbled with just one oversight. Dominic had played really well and held a strong advantage until one move allowed his opponent to swing the position in his favour.

So the score was 0 – 2 to Sandwich

We needed to find a way back into the match and the fightback was led by Manoj, who built up a very nice pawn structure before winning the exchange and shortly after the game.

Paul C also had a very nice position, slowly increasing the pressure until his opponent buckled.

All of a sudden the score was 2 – 2

The 2 Captains clashed on board 2, and Trefor, after giving up a pawn for speedy development achieved a crushing position, the game ended abruptly when he trapped his opponent’s Queen. This left 2 games and wow both games were very complicated. Watching Andy’s game I thought he was under pressure, then a clever plan swung the game in his favour before his opponent also found some great moves. It was fitting that the game finished in a draw as neither player deserved to lose.

This takes us back to top board and Arnaud, who was engaged in a fascinating battle against of of Kent’s strongest players.. In a semi-blocked position Arnaud demonstrated mastery of his horses as his 2 Knights worked wonders against Bishop & Knight. The final position was agreed a draw, with both players down to their final minute on the clock

So the final score was 4 – 3 to Broadstairs.

A great way to finish the campaign

Arnaud Wisman

0.5 – 0.5

Robert Starley

Trefor Owens

1 – 0

Harry Sharples

Manoj Natarajan

1 – 0

Jon Hunt

Paul Carfrae

1 – 0

John Thorley

Dominic Blundell

0 – 1

Mark Towlson

Andy Flood

0.5 – 0.5

Adrian Tottenham

Paul Verrall

0 – 1

Ethan Latymer

4 – 3

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