This position was reached yesterday, playing with the  Black pieces was the talented youngster Eli Gallamoy. Eli’s opponent has  pushed his pawn to d4, with the intention of d5 forking Knight and Bishop; Can you find the destructive attack unleashed by Black?

Black to Play


 1… Rxf3  (Black threatens mate on h2 so White attempts to make space for the King to flee….but) 2. Rfb1 Qh2+ 3. Kf1 Rxf2+  4. Ke1  Qg1+  5. Bf1  (and Eli showed a nice touch by mating with the Rook) Rxf1 mate,

Broadstairs first match of the season commenced with a short trip to nearby Margate. Past seasons always resulted in a close match and Thursday night proved no exception.

The League’s new time control meant that the match finished a little earlier than normal just after  10.00 pm.

The games on all 4 Boards were close , a tactical positional game was taking place on Board 3 with no exchange of pieces until around mover fourteen. A blunder in a constrained position resulted in the loss of a pawn and then a Knight fork on the Queen and King and a black resignation and an early point for Broadstairs.

Broadstairs were out-rated on Board 1 where Peter McGill was improving his position going one and then two pawns up, and finally developing a winning position to square the match at 1 – 1.

In the remaining games Broadstairs (B2) with Dominic Blundell playing black was a pawn up and Paul Verrall (B4) with black was struggling in what was fast becoming a lost game. On Board 4 Margate (Roy McAloney) advanced his pawn to convert it into a Queen and Paul had to sacrifice his Queen for some minor pieces as white sought to get checkmate. Like Monty Python’s black knight Paul was battling on, and miraculously turned the game around pinning his opponents white Queen against his white King forcing an exchange of the Queen for his rook followed by a Rook and King fork with his Knight to capture his opponents, Rook. With some clever manoeuvres Paul was converting his own pawn to Queen upon which his opponent resigned, and so an almost certain lost game was won and Broadstairs were 2 – 1 up.

Attention then turned to the final game on Board 2 where Dominic (Broadstairs) remained a pawn up with the only other pieces on the board being the Kings and Queens. Colin Gregory’s (Margate) m offered up his Queen for exchange, which unfortunately Dominic accepted, which resulted in the white King and Margate having the advantage of the tempo and a more centralised position enabling the King to take the two black central pawns and soon after black resigned.

The result was a 2 – 2 draw and another close match between Broadstairs and Margate.

Margate   Broadstairs
Peter McGill            1854 1 – 0 Paul Carfrae          1668
Colin Gregory          1654 1 – 0 Dominic Blundell  1659
Leon Garfield           1451 0 – 1 Andy Flood            1594
Roy McAloney         1412 0 – 1 Paul Verrall            1435



The Goodall Tournament kicked off last night with some very exciting chess. There were many close battles and eventually Dominic, Ian, Manoj, both Pauls and Reg all scored wins.

Here is a position from the tough fight between Steven and Paul Verrall

Black (Paul) to play, can you find the unusual finish?

After 1… h3 2. Kf1 Qc1+ 3. Ke2 Nf4 mate, you don’t often see a Knight deliver mate on a fairly open board

I was watching a fascinating game online earlier today. GM Daniel Naroditsky had the White pieces.

The following position was reached  after his opponent had played …. Qg6

can you find the tactic that wins at least a piece?

White to move 



Qxg6 wins as the best defence leaves White a piece up, so 1.Qxg6 fxg6 2. Rxh7+ Kxh7 3. Rd3 (with the threat of Rh3mate) Bxf2+ 4. Kh1 Bh4 5. Rh3 winning a piece. Note that the two White Bishops prevent Rook checks on the f1 and c1 squares

The members of Broadstairs Chess Club  are saddened by the news of the death of Her Majesty the Queen. She began her service before becoming Monarch during the dark years of WW2 and on becoming Queen, at such a young age, devoted her energy to serving and inspiring this country, proudly carrying out her duty for over 70 years. We join the nation with sending condolences to her family.

We thank you for your service to our country.

Goodnight Ma’am rest in peace.