The following position was reached on Monday, the first club night of the season. Reigning Club Champion Manoj has the black pieces and has sacrificed 3 pieces for a massive attack.

can you find the continuation that decides the game?

Black to move 

Re2 wins: as Bxe2 allows mate on g2 and Be4 allows Qh3+ and mate on h2, so 1. …. Re2 2. Qxe2 Nxe2 wins the Queen

After Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion lost the following game he withdrew from The Sinquefield Cup; possibly the most prestigious invitation event in chess. He then issued a strange tweet which contained  vague insinuations.

Will we ever know whether

Magnus threw his toys out of the pram after losing to the lowest rated competitor?

Suspects Hans Niemann of cheating during the game?

Thinks that a member of his team passed Niemann his opening preparation?

Without any evidence it does smack of a bad loser, anyway here is the game

 White:  Carlsen, M.     Black:  Niemann, Hans Moke

9th Sinquefield Cup 4th September 2022

The final club event of last season saw a close battle between the two stars of the season in the KnockOut final. After an exciting and very close battle Dominic Blundell was victorious and wins the John Cousens Vase

After a very long tournament we have a new Club Champion

Congratulations to Manoj Natarajan

The Club Championship was, as always, tough and hotly contested and Manoj was the player able to rise above all challengers, all tricky positions and claim the crown.

Manoj played superbly throughout the season, both in this tournament and when representing Broadstairs in team matches. Manoj played many super games on his way to victory and he has chosen the following game to best show his skills and style. Fittingly this was the final game of the Championship and both players were aware that a victory would guarantee that Manoj would be the Champ.

 White:  Flood, Andy     Black:  Natarajan, Manoj

Broadstairs 1 August 2022

Congratulations to Paul Verrall, winner of the Broadstairs Summer Swiss.

Paul has been a very valuable club member this season, playing whenever possible and improving quickly. Paul was a very deserved winner of the Summer Swiss and will be a dangerous opponent, for everyone, next season