The Summer Swiss is a long-standing competition for Broadstairs members to keep them busy once league and championship games have been completed. Not everyone enters as there are five rounds and with three bank holidays occurring between now and the end of the season – the club is open but some members prefer to give chess a miss on bank holidays – those with five or more Goodall (championship) games still to play tend to opt out. Ideally, the competition probably needs at least twelve players to make it work but the difference with the Summer Swiss is that there is no prize for the winner! Instead, there is a grading prize for the best performance so uneven pairings are not a major problem and, anyway, as we are always told, it’s only a game….The draw for Round 1 has been made and matches have to be played by May 15.

Round 1

Reg Pidduck (107) v Nick McBride (171)
Bob Page  (141) v Michael Doyle  (90)
Michael Jenkinson (83) v Paul Carfrae (131)
John Couzens (125) v Fredy Reber (e50)
Jordan Leach (46) v Andy Flood (117)




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