Fortunately Black took his defeat well

You may have noticed that our roving reporter, Rook van Zugzwang, has been keeping a low profile recently. A glance at the following game may go some way to explain why. It may be a little unfair to describe it as a swindle but players of average ability may wonder how White managed to win especially after Black’s thirteenth move appeared to show that Mr van Zugzwang is well-named. However, the pendulum soon swung the other way and for the last twenty moves it was clearly White on top. 41.Kg8 would have been a better move than the one played but by then Black was lost. As it is not clear who was more embarrassed, White at winning or Black at losing, names have been changed to protect the guilty.

White: Rook van Zugzwang     Black: René en Passant

Broadstairs Club Championship 2017/18

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