Four teams took part in the annual Team Buzzer Tournament at Margate: Broadstairs, Bridge, Herne Bay and Margate.  For those unfamiliar with the format, players have ten seconds to make their move.  If they fail to do so, they lose.  Kings failing to acknowledge check can be taken. With only four teams, it was decided to make it a ‘double header’ i.e. each club plays the other twice. There were few surprises in the results.  Both Bridge and Herne Bay had strong teams and it was simply a question of who would come out on top and, more pertinently for us, who would finish third or fourth out of Broadstairs and Margate. We were higher graded so a draw in our first match was a disappointment because we knew we would not get much change out of the other two clubs. A couple of 2½-1½ defeats were the nearest we came to taking a point off either but we did manage to beat Margate in our second match to secure third place.  At the other end, Bridge came out on top largely because their board 4 won all six of his matches.  Many thanks to those who took part.  None of us disgraced ourselves: Bob Page (board 2) and Paul Carfrae (board 3) finished on 2/6 while David Faldon (board 1) and Bob Cronin (board 4) both scored 3.  The latter deserves a special mention for twice beating Luke Kyte (graded 139) of Herne Bay.                 

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