As pyramids are wider at the base than at the top, so the Intermediate and Minor sections of chess congresses tend to attract the most entries and so it was at Thanet this year. 25 entered the Intermediate and almost exactly half of all players took part in one of the two lowest sections. Although competition was close throughout the weekend,  Colin Gregory, our not-so-old friend from Margate Chess Club, emerged as the clear winner by half a point. A close examination of his results will show that this was no fluke – he took a bye in the first round, won the next three and agreed a draw in round five which was all he needed to win outright. Furthermore, all his opponents finished in the top seven with the result that Colin achieved a grading performance of 162!  Here is his round 2 victory and his opponent’s only defeat.

White:   Colin Gregory (119)      Black:  Lee Bullock (128)

 Thanet Intermediate 2018


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