One of the many pleasing things about this year’s congress from a parochial point of view was the performance of some of the local players. We have already highlighted Reg Pidduck (Broadstairs) winning the Oyster Shield in the Minor and Paul Arnold (Herne Bay), joint winner of the Intermediate. First place in the the Major section was also shared and once again one of the two was a Thanet player. Peter McGill of Margate was the joint winner with David Heath from Maidstone. Here is Peter’s win in Round 4.

White: Peter McGill  (144)     Black: William Grummitt (e134)

Thanet Congress (Major) 2017


David originally entered the Challengers when his grade was over 150 but I’m sure he is now glad that he changed to the Major when the new grades came out. Chess players seem to have a good line in self-deprecation: just as Paul Arnold was remarkably modest about his games despite finishing first in the Intermediate, when David submitted his games for inclusion on this site he claimed that they were all ‘riddled with errors’. Whether that is true or not, the point is that none of his opponents spotted them. You usually need a little luck to win a tournament and when David won this game in Round 1, he must have felt that this was going to be his weekend,  a feeling confirmed in the final game which David won in 13 moves.

White:   David Heath (143)   Black: Stephen Pike (134)

Thanet Congress (Major) 2017


Harry Sharples began the tournament as the number one seed in the Major with a grade of 150. However, it was not to be his weekend which he must have realised after this ambush in Round 1.

White:  Harry Sharples (150)   Black: Gavin Josephs (138)

Thanet Congress (Major) 2017

White to move.

  1. Bc2 : Qd5
  2. Re2 :


  1. ——– : Qh1ch
  2. Qf1 : Rd1 ch !!
  3. BxR : Nd3ch
  4. Resigns




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