The Oyster Shield is a special prize awarded at the Thanet Congress to the highest-scoring senior (over 60) Thanet player in the Minor or Intermediate sections. It was presented by Whitstable Chess Club in 2011 and in five of the seven years for which it has been competed, it has been won by our own Reg Pidduck. (Perhaps a word of congratulation is merited by the only two players to prevent Reg from achieving a 100% success rate – Tony Hargreaves and Michael Doyle.) With typical modesty, Reg does not feel the entire game is worth replaying as it was effectively won by move 16. Let Reg explain.

“This game won me the Oyster Shield for the fifth time with 3.5 points. It all centres on White’s 15th move. Neil Lang took 8 to 10 minutes looking at taking my b7 pawn. After taking so long I thought he must have seen the trap but no. He took it and I was a happy man. I won’t bore you, dear reader, with the next 30 moves, as I just kept it safe to ensure a win. White resigned after 45 moves.”

White: Neil Lang  (101)     Black: Reg Pidduck (107)

Thanet Congress (Minor) 2017

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