Broadstairs  1½         Bridge   2½                                        

1 Andy Flood (110) ½-½ William Peak (104)
2 Reg Pidduck (101) ½-½ James Smith (94)
3 Bob Cronin (101) ½-½ Graeme Boxall (93)
4 Michael Doyle (90) 0-1 Ian Redmond (80)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 2. DRAW NO 1.  James played an English which threw me from the start (I must gen up on it). We got through to a king and pawns endgame. James’s pawns were more advanced and my queenside pawns were a shambles so prudently I took the draw James offered.  Good play, James. I hope we play again. ½-½

BOARD 3.  DRAW NO 2. Bob played his Fried Liver and was in control for a while . Not sure what happened next but Graeme’s position was soon equal and although Bob was down to the sixth rank he could not break through and after many king moves each, neither could afford to back off. So a draw was agreed.  Score now 1-1

BOARD 1.  DRAW NO 3. Young William Peak looks a fine prospect as not many players in the Walker Shield can gain such an advantage over our board 1. Andy was on the ropes with only a rook against knight and bishop until he gained an advanced pawn and a draw was agreed with neither in an position to withdraw. 1½-1½

BOARD 4. NO DRAW IN THE LAST. Captain Michael could have had another draw.  He told me that had he taken a knight with a rook instead of with his king it would have been a different game. But in Michael’s words “Woe is the crestfallen as it was not to be”. So well done, Ian Redmond, and all the Bridge team for a 2½-1½ victory.


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