Broadstairs  3½       Bridge ½

1. Andy Flood   (113) 1-0      Stuart Honey (e110)
2. Reg Pidduck    (104) ½-½      Shahid Sahi (107)
3. Bob Cronin  (101) 1-0      Graeme Boxall (98)
4. Michael Doyle (80)  1-0      Ray Rennells (82)


Reg Pidduck writes:

This win gave us 6/6 in the Walker Shield and with the grades being very even we expected a close match.

BOARD 4. SUPER SUB STRIKES AGAIN. Michael Doyle has a secret weapon, the Birmingham Defence (so named by Tony Miles). It suits his attacking nature as he came out all guns blazing to claim an early finish against Ray Rennells: 1-0

BOARD 2. A PHONE INCIDENT. I played my favourite defence (the Dutch) against Shahid. We ended up with a blocked pawn position with same coloured bishops and I offered a draw but he wanted to play on to see what would transpire. A very quiet phone ring then went off and it wasn’t until Graeme and Shahid both looked at me that I realised it was Shahid’s . I did not claim the game and we agreed the draw: 1½-½

BOARD 3. BOB ON TOP. Bob Cronin’s good form continued against Graeme Boxall as each time I looked he was always comfortable. He ended up in the endgame three pawns to the good and Graeme resigned: 2½-½. (Bob was unbeaten in all his five games played in the Walker Shield this season.)

BOARD 1. SOLID ANDY. Slowly and surely Andy wears his opponents down. Always looking assured, he never looked in trouble and, like Bob, ended three pawns up so Stuart Honey resigned: 3½-½ (Andy was unbeaten in all six games this season.)

Final score 3½-½  and the Walker Shield returns to Broadstairs.

In the six matches there have been 24 games in which we have scored 18½  points and dropped only 5½.   Well done team! (Congratulations, Reg – Ed)


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