Broadstairs   1      Bridge  3                       

1 Andy Flood (115) 0-1 Peter Blundell (115)
2 Reg Pidduck (99) 0-1 Gary Hilleard (107)
3 Bob Cronin (90) 0-1 Graeme Boxall (86)
4 Michael Doyle (87) 1-0 Ray Rennells (80)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

Broadstairs suffered their first defeat in this season’s Walker Shield against Bridge last night. On all the top three boards players resigned. It was a disaster! Our only consolation was a win by the captain on Board 4, my opponent having lost his queen en prise on the 19th move and resigning shortly after. The first to lose was Bob on Board 3. He was up against a much improved Graeme Boxall and he resigned after a long defence. Next to go was Reg up against Gary Hilleard, who last season was playing for Broadstairs. Down to the end game, Gary was two pawns up and Reg resigned. Players stood around Board 1 in the final game to watch Andy Flood battle it out against Peter Blundell. If Andy won the game the match would have been a draw, but he lost a bishop in the endgame. Well done, Bridge, on a rainy night. It was a downpour – just like Broadstairs!

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