Broadstairs  2½       Herne Bay  1½

1. Bob Cronin   (112) 1-0    Ronnie Melhuish (103)
2. Andy Flood   (111) 0-1     Brian Humble (98)
3. Reg Pidduck  (106) ½-½      Jamie Dawson (76)
4. Michael Doyle (89) 1-0      John Heath (e78)

Reg Pidduck writes:

BOARD 4: QUICK WIN. Michael’s attacking nature soon paid off as he pressed John Heath from the start. Having gone a piece up he never let up and duly won inside an hour. 1-0 up to us.

BOARD 1: MATCH OF THE NIGHT. Bob got a deserved win against a cunning Ronnie after pushing two pawns forward into enemy territory and finally getting a touchdown which finished Ronnie off. 2-0 to us.

BOARD 3: YOUNG JAMIE A FORCE.   I was able to play my favourite Dutch defence against Jamie who once again (last September) played extremely well for his 76 grade.  After I turned down a draw offer from Jamie and playing with rook and pawns each, we came to a slight impasse. But Bob’s win on board 1 made my decision to take the draw easy. 2½-½ to us

BOARD 2: TABLES TURNED.  It’s normally Andy that slowly turns the screw on his opponents. But this time it was Brian after winning a piece and gaining a very good win against our board two star. A 2½-1½ win for Broadstairs.

That’s played 3 won 3 in our quest to keep the Walker Shield.  Well done team!

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