Broadstairs   2½      Margate  1½                       

1 Andy Flood (115) 1-0 Leon Garfield (104)
2 Reg Pidduck (99) 0-1 John Clarke (92)
3 Bob Cronin (90) ½-½ Roy McAloney (83)
4 Michael Doyle (87) 1-0 Chris Wyer (19)

Capt Mike Doyle writes:

Broadstairs started off the season with a win against Margate. It was a narrow margin as John Couzens went down with flu at the eleventh hour and I stood in for him. All the players were ready to start their games but my opponent did not appear until fifteen minutes later. The first result was a draw between Bob Cronin and Roy McAloney. Bob’s attacks were stifled by Roy’s stonewall approach and they shook hands on a draw.  President of Broadstairs Chess Club, Reg Pidduck, was up against an improved player in John Clarke who managed to get two pawns ahead with a rook and a king in the end game. Hard luck, Reg, and we were suddenly a point down and about to lose as we did last season against Margate. However, on Board 1 Andy put in a fine performance and levelled the match against a solid Leon Garfield with a Reti opening which bamboozled his opponent. It was down to the captain as the players crowded round the last game. I had a queen and a rook against two rooks and a bishop and my opponent (playing well above his grade) got me in an mating attack with two rooks doubled up on the ‘h’ file but I defended well with a Capablanca-style finish and mated him with my queen on the seventh rank and passed pawn for a second queen to mate. Here’s a victory that will be well remembered: not only was it a win in the opening match of this year’s Walker Shield campaign but we avenged our defeat against Margate last year. Well done, lads! Thanks to all our players who took part and we wish John a speedy recovery and hope to see him back soon at the most prestigious club in Thanet. (That’s what the website says!)


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