Broadstairs   3      Ramsgate    1                       

1 Andy Flood (115) 1-0 Bob Wallace (100)
2 John Couzens (108) ½-½ Malcolm Snashall (98)
3 Reg Pidduck (99) ½-½ Don Richards (92)
4 Bob Cronin (90) 1-0 Kenneth Keeler (91)

Reg Pidduck writes:

As usual Ramsgate made us very welcome at their cosy new venue.

BOARD 2. John and Malcolm were first to finish. Just when John was on top with his passed pawns, he blundered and ever steady Malcolm was able to salvage a draw.    ½-½ – a good start for both teams.

BOARD 4. Bob got us in the lead with a fine game, his two passed pawns pressing for home. Did not see the finish only Ken resigning. 1½-½ to Broadstairs.

BOARD 1. Andy’s game against Bob Wallace looked tight for a while but Andy found a way through for a checkmate. 2½-½ to us.

BOARD 3.  I could now breath a sigh of relief as I had been under pressure for the last hour from my formidable opponent, Don Richards. He had seen off all of my schemes and tricks and we were now left with a knight each with Don’s five pawns to my three. After reducing  his pawns to two, I sacrificed my knight for one of them then got my king in the corner to force a draw. Phew! Unlucky Don not to get the win and I look forward to playing you again.  Final score: 3-1 to Broadstairs.


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