Broadstairs   2      Ramsgate    2                       

1 Andy Flood (115) ½-½ Tony Buck (109)
2 Reg Pidduck (99) 1-0 Bob Wallace (10o)
3 Bob Cronin (90) ½-½ Malcolm Snashall (98)
4 Mike Doyle  (87) 0-1 Ken Keeler (91)

Mike Doyle writes:

Broadstairs gave up the ghost of winning the Walker Shield when we drew with Ramsgate. Our captain, needing to win to stay in the hunt, lost to his bête noire, Ken Keeler. Bridge, with only one match to play, having scored eight wins from nine matches, are set to win the shield. Their only a loss was to Broadstairs on their turf.  In this match we were outgunned with three of their players having ratings above us. Only Andy’s grade on the top board was higher.

I was the first to go when I blundered a bishop. At this stage I was set for a win as my opponent’s king was wide open to attack, charging his pawns with no defence. I blundered when a knight took a bishop and forked my rook. I resigned. On board three was Bob Cronin and he too had a win with a rook and queen attacking on ‘h’ file but a reliable Malcolm Snashall saw he had a way out and it ended with a draw.  On board two was Reg who saved the day when he won with a piece up against Bob Wallace. The match was even at this stage with our hopes on Andy on board one against a tricky opponent, Tony Buck. It was fierce in the middle game with White attacking with a queen and bishop but Andy fought back and it ended with a draw with only a rook and three pawns on either side.

It was sad that Broadstairs drew as we won at Ramsgate in the first leg. Full credit to Ramsgate, though, and my nemesis Ken winning against me, a disappointing loss for the captain.




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