Broadstairs   4      Sheldwich P.S.  0                     

1 Andy Flood (115) 1-0 Felix Coker (111)
2 Reg Pidduck (99) 1-0 Sean Duffy (71)
3 Bob Cronin (90) 1-0 Zeno Burns (60)
4 Mike Doyle  (87) 1-0 Joshua Hayhoe (37)

Mike Doyle writes:

It was an interesting match with the Sheldwich juniors giving it all before Broadstairs finally won 4 – 0. A much improved Sheldwich Primary School, with Felix Coker on  Board 1 graded 111, got Andy Flood in a muddle in the middle game but he got out of it with a fork taking his queen and finished with a mate.

Our captain had a right tussle with Josh Hayhoe who belied his grade of 37. I was charging with an Evans Gambit and got Josh on the back foot with a bishop check forcing him to move his king. But Josh got to grips with an uncastled king and by trickery he took my bishop with his knight attacking my queen. Then the fireworks started but with a piece down I managed to get his knight and after a long drawn out end game I won with a rook and he resigned. Reg and Bob had an easy ride with both juniors resigning.

With a game to play, Broadstairs moved up to second in the league. We must beat Folkestone to remain second. Thanks to the juniors who played a thrilling match well above their grade.

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