The much anticipated World Championship Match starts in just a few days.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen will battle his Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi over 14 games. The last two matches, both won by Carlsen have been a little disappointing for the fans, especially the match v Caurana where it seemed, to me, that the American Challenger was more concerned with not losing than he was with attempting to win! I don’t think that this will happen this time – Nepomniachtchi has a very individual and attacking style, in fact he is one of a very small group of Super Grandmasters to hold a plus score against Carslen in classical chess.

My prediction for the match?

I am going to hedge my bets and go for two distinct scenarios

1. Magnus will pick Nepo’s sometimes unorthodox openings apart and win comfortably

2. Nepo will take an early lead and keep finding enough chaotic and tactical positions to win the title.

What I am sure we won’t see is 14 boring draws


Here is a game played this year, it was a rapid game but still of the highest quality

 White:  Ian Nepomniachtchi       Black:  Magnus Carlsen

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