Broadstairs 1.5     Ramsgate 2.5

1 Bob Cronin (103) 1/2-1/2  Malcolm Snashall (110)
2 Reg Pidduck (101)    0-1 Joshua Vaughan (94)
3 Michael Doyle (91)    0-1 Ken Keeler (93)
4 Michael Jenkinson (78)    1-0 Bob Wallace (88)

Michael Doyle writes:

Chess is not for people going mad but for mad people sane, says William Hartston, International Master. That’s how it was last night when Broadstairs hosted Ramsgate in the Walker Shield.  We got off to a good start on Board 4 when Michael Jenkinson beat Bob Wallace, resigning with a knight and bishop against the king. Then on Board 1 Bob Cronin had an impressive game with Malcolm Snashall, two queens battling it out for a draw. It was downhill from there with Reg Pidduck going down against a much improved Josh Vaughan, running out of time.  The last to finish was the Captain, Mike Doyle. His opponent managed to get his pawn through and our captain resigned.  What chance do we have of winning the shield when we played three and lost two? Not so says our secretary Bob Page for we have seven more games to go and it is all up for grabs.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas
Mike Doyle
Capt of the Walker Shield team

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