Broadstairs  3½         Bridge   ½                                        

1 Richard Clement (128) ½-½ Jeff Green (e135)
2 Chris Stampe (124) 1-0 Tim Spencer (118)
3 John Couzens (118) 1-0 Peter Blundell (117)
4 Gary Hilleard (118) 1-0 James Smith (94)

Andy Flood writes:

A new look Broadstairs Hargreaves team got of to a flying start against a strong Bridge side in the first Hargreaves game of the season. Chris Stampe on board 2 very early on won his debut Broadstairs game against his former club for Broadstairs to go 1–0 up. In a tight game on the top board, Richard Clement put in a solid performance to earn and agree a draw. Full points were secured when Gary Hilleard forced his opponent to resign in the middle game through the power and lining up of his rooks and queen. The last match to finish was John Couzens, who had taken a break from his holidays to play and exhibit excellent end game technique against Peter Blundell. On securing the smallest of a pawn positional advantage, John forced his opponent to give up a bishop to prevent a passed pawn from queening. He then sacrificed a knight to guarantee two passed pawns at which point his opponent resigned.  So a great start and result.

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