Broadstairs  4        Bridge   1 

1 Shani Rezvany  (163) 1-0   Alan Atkinson  (166 )
2 Paul Carfrae (141) ½-½   Emily Green (156)
3 Paul Johnson (116) ½-½   Peter Blundell (118)
4 Andy Flood (110) 1-0   William Peak (104)
5 Michael Doyle  (91) 1-0   Ray Rennells (80)

John Couzens writes:


What a night! Lovely informal atmosphere in the room until the games began,

Shany licking his lips when he found out he was up against Alan Atkinson,

Paul Carfrae laughing at my ‘you’re only here as cannon fodder’ jibe,

Paul Johnson still unsure if he was in Bridge Chess Club,

Andy and Michael ready for action.

I lost the toss and Graeme Boxall chose white on boards 1,3 and 5 (was

this a bad omen?)

Graeme, Susan Green and I retired to the tearoom downstairs to

drink coffee and gossip.

Before I’ve even finished my coffee, Andy Flood walks in the room

announcing he has won!

11 moves in approx 30 mins!

Great quick game that I hope he will send to Bob for the website.

Next Shany comes down for a cigarette and suggests Michael Doyle has a

won game!

Time to go up and have a look.

Michael has won Ray Rennells’ queen and bishop!!

To our surprise he loses his queen later but keeps a rook and pawn

advantage and forces Ray to resign after an hour and twenty minutes in 27 moves.

Two up!

Paul Carfrae was playing Emily Green and looked to have a good centre

attack but she is far too canny and blocked the position.

They agree a draw at 9.15.

Paul could have gone home then but the atmosphere in the room had changed .

Alan Atkinson had fallen for Shany’s rook sacrifice and now couldn’t

castle, Paul Johnson had won a knight for rook exchange against Peter

Blundell then gave the exchange back to secure a central passed pawn.

Looking good.

All we need at this point is a draw to win the match.

Graeme then takes me outside to let me know all they need is to win both

games to draw the match which on board count would mean a Bridge win!!

What tension!!!

Then Paul J takes his mind (and his bishop and rook) off his passed pawn

and promptly loses it!!

Next thing is we hear a groan of disappointment coming from Board 1 –

Alan Atkinson is in check with no way out!!

He doesn’t resign until he sees that Peter is now under time pressure

and has agreed a draw with Paul.

That’s it! We’ve won 4-1!

Great night with all my team playing as I’d hoped, well above their grades!!

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