This was the team’s first Millar League match since the momentous evening in March 2020 when we won the competition, just days before the original ‘Lockdown.’

Everyone was pleased to be back playing chess but we knew that we had a very difficult task ahead of us; playing a very strong team from Bridge. We were all outrated, on every board!

The first game to finish was Reg on board 7. Reg had bravely stepped up to take part only a couple of hours before kick off, after a club colleague had been admitted to hospital. Despite playing very well Reg had to concede defeat on this occasion

Things looked up as we skilfully secured victories on boards 5 and 6. Superb performances from Dominic Blundell and Andy Flood respectively had, against all odds, given Broadstairs a 2 – 1 lead. Sadly this was to be the highlight of the evening, and, although the remaining four games were hard fought and could have produced different results, Bridge made a clean sweep of boards 1-4

This Bridge won the match with a scoreline of 2 – 5 The result was very fair but the scoreline was harsh on the quality of the Broadstairs’ performance.




Trefor Owens

0 – 1

Richard Eales

Arnaud Wisman

0 – 1

George Hollands

Chris Stampe

0 – 1

Alan Atkinson

Paul Carfrae

0 – 1

Patrick Burns

Dominic Blundell

1 – 0

Peter Blundell

Andy Flood

1 – 0

Alan Evans

Reg Pidduck

0 – 1

Gary Hilliard

2 – 5

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