We welcomed our neighbours from Margate in our 3rd Millar Cup match of the season

We had a good team out, but so did our opponents, a tough match was on the cards. Sadly the evening didn’t start well, as we had to default board two

Board one was a solid affair, with neither player giving way or prepared to take a risk a draw was agreed

The match was looking finely balanced, with Margate looking good on board 3 and our strong ‘ middle order’ all having promising positions. First to finsh was Dominic Blundell who built up a superb attacking position before crashing through his opponent’s defence. His victory was quickly followed by Andy Flood who had been gradually improving his position and, at the same time, picking up material. Andy made no mistake and gave the team another point

This left 4 games to finish, board three went Margate’s way with a fine performance from their player.

All eyes were on our two Pauls:

Paul Verrall had a very close game and entered an endgame in which he had chances to draw, however his opponent played very well. So with one game still ongoing Broadstairs needed a win to draw the match. The game was a corker…and can be seen in the next Game of the Week, so Paul Carfrae played brilliantly to tie the match, a scoreline that both teams deserved




Trefor Owens

0.5 – o.5

Michael Micklethwaite


0 – 1

Keith Findley

Manoj Natarajan

0 – 1

Colin Gregory

Paul Carfrae

1 – 0

Clive Le Baigue

Dominic Blundell

1 – 0

Leon Garfield

Andy Flood

1 – 0

M Doyle

Paul Verrall

0 – 1

Roy McAloney

3.5 – 3.5

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