Broadstairs  2½         Folkestone   4½ 

1 David Faldon (179) 0-1         Andy Hammond  (197)
2 Nick McBride (e160) 1-0         Martin Cutmore  (178)
3 Bob Page (141) 0-1         John Atherton (163)
4 John Couzens (125) 0-1         Kevin Smyth (153)
5 Andy Flood (117) 0-1         Mathew Cussens (136)
6 Reg Pidduck (107) 1-0         David Erwee (108)
7 Bob Cronin (103) ½-½         James Smith  (e50)

David Faldon writes:

What do we want for Christmas? A new board 1! And, hey presto, we have one after our latest match. Nick McBride has a new estimated grade of 181 and so he takes over as our board one in the new year (at least until the new grading list is published – Ed). Congratulations! With apologies to Reg, Nick’s game was the highlight of the match for Broadstairs. A slightly odd opening on both sides turned out well for Nick, so much so that his opponent felt compelled to sacrifice a piece to get a passed pawn on the last-but-one rank. For some time the attack appeared dangerous but Nick cemented a knight on a perfect defensive square and his opponent was unable to break through. I’m afraid I didn’t see much of Reg’s game at the other end of the room but I’m told he won a bishop for a pawn early on using his trusty Ruy Lopez . Reg now has three wins from his last three games, all with the Ruy Lopez. Maybe we should all be using it? Anyway, some of the other games were interesting too, especially the game on board 3, but apart from Bob C’s well-played draw on board 7, none of the unmentioned Broadstairs players were able to contribute to the team total and so we lost the match. A shame, but the Folkestone guys played well and deserved their win.

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