Broadstairs     4                Margate   3

1 David Faldon (175) 1-0         Peter McGill  (157)
2 David Horton (167) 1-0         Harry Sharples (156)
3 Bob Page (145) 0-1         Colin Gregory (114)
4 Paul Carfrae (131) 0-1         John Thorley (e113)
5 John Couzens (118) 1-0         Leon Garfield (104)
6 Bob Cronin (112) 0-1         John Clarke (90)
7 Andy Flood (111) 1-0          Don Richards (57)

David Faldon writes:

This was a close win in a tough match where four of the seven games went right to the wire. The three early finishers were the bottom three boards. On Board 5 John crashed through with a discovered attack that won a queen for not very much, while on Board 6 Bob C just crashed: 1-1. The Board 7 game then put us back in the lead as Andy took a passed pawn in for a touchdown: 2-1. At this point (around 10pm) we looked comfortably placed. I had a couple of passed pawns myself on Board 1 while Paul seemed well placed to win a blocked-up position on Board 4. Yes, Bob P was in some trouble on Board 3 after getting a bit carried away sacrificing all of his king’s side pawns for a sniff of an attack but David H on Board 2 had two bishops against two knights and good chances. Maybe we’d win 4½-2½ or even 5-2? Then Paul miscalculated and turned a great position into a lost one. Suddenly we needed two wins on the top two boards. Fortunately for the team, David H found a neat mating attack and I forced one of my pawns home and we’d won 4-3. Many thanks to Margate for putting up such a good fight and for all the free tea and biscuits!

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