Broadstairs  3         Herne Bay  1 

1 Reg Pidduck (107) ½-½    Paul Johnson (113)
2 Bob Cronin (103) 1-0    Ronnie Melhuish (96)
3 Michael Doyle (90) 1-0     John Heath (48)
4 default ½-½     default

Reg Pidduck writes:

By a coincidence both teams turned up one player short which ensured everyone got a game and the match began with each side on half a point for the default.

BOARD 1. DOWN TO THE LAST PAWN. Paul Johnson’s Sicilian Defence paid off as he forced me back and it was only in the middle game that I was able to swap off and get down to a pawn ending. Five pawns each, then four, three, two then one each, both on my h-file. Paul got there first but I was able to get my king to h1 and hold for a draw. An exciting game (thanks Paul).   Score now 1-1

BOARD 3. QUEEN FOR TWO ROOKS. The swap left our Michael with the two rooks which he used to full advantage while John Heath’s queen was the other side of the board making its own threats. The two rooks paid off and Michael won.  2-1 to us

BOARD 2. SOLID BOB. Game Ronnie Melhuish had to counter so many threats from our Bob that in the end after a queen swap off, Bob was left with three passed pawns and Ronnie resigned.   A 3-1 win for our final game.

Played 8  Won 3  Drew 4  Lost 1.  A good season but unable to hold on to the Walker Shield. Thanks to all the team and congratulations to Margate.

And thanks to Reg, Andy (Hargreaves Shield captain) and David (Millar Cup captain) for their entertaining match reports this season. (Ed) 

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